Dear Cornerstone Parents,

The PTG is offering the gift card program to Cornerstone families and friends for the school year.

It works like any other gift cards you purchased from your favorite stores, except the PTG purchases the cards from the Great Lakes Scrip Center ("SCRIP") at a discount (2-10%) and re-sell them to our families and friends at face value.  PTG has made close to two thousand dollars each year for the last several years.

They have hundreds of choices which include very popular retailers which you probably are using now including Stop and Shop, CVS, Target and many many more.

Attached is an order form with a listing of popular retailers, but feel free to write in additional scrip retailers. Check out their complete list at .

I will also print out a few copies initially for each family,

All you have to do is fill-out the order form and enclose a check made out to Cornerstone PTG and place in your child's journal.   Please put attention: Maria Barrett

I will be placing orders on the first week of the month.  I will send reminders.  Your cards will be back within 5 business days and delivered through the journal.

The first order will be placed on October 3. Please have order forms in to me by 9/30. I will be sending this letter and a few order forms home this week.

Also, Please consider purchasing your gift cards through the PTG for your holiday shopping needs to support our kids and school.

Remember to make check payable to Cornerstone PTG .

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Maria Bolstad Barrett