September 19, 2011 

Dear Cornerstone Parents, 

The Cornerstone PTG is again sponsoring a Square 1 Art Fundraiser, which is open to Cornerstone students and their siblings. Square 1 Art can transfer the artwork image your child creates to a variety of articles ( ie. Mouse pads, stationary, wooden boxes, etc...). These keepsake items are very popular with the Cornerstone parents and make great holiday presents. A portion of the purchase price is returned to Cornerstone. This historically has been a very successful fundraiser for us. Examples of Square 1 Art products can be viewed on their website: . There are also posters in hanging in the hallways at school showing the different items available for purchase.
Very soon your children will begin to create their pictures in the classroom under our guidance, while siblings can draw their pictures at home to submit. However, special barcoded paper needs to be used in order to submit a drawing. So, if a sibling is going to participate, please contact me at Mplatz7523 (at) and I will send you the appropriate paper and art guidelines through your child’s journal. Drawings done by siblings must be sent into school earmarked for Square 1 Art no later than Monday, October 3rd. 

Square 1 Art produces “Squickers” (20 free stickers) for all pictures that they receive at no charge. The “Squickers”, along with a personalized order catalog will be sent home to you to order from. (This should come to you towards the end of October). At that time, please complete the order form and return it to Cornerstone, along with a check made out to the Cornerstone PTG. If no items are purchased for a large number of ”Squickers”, this will ultimately result in a lower return to the school. So, we encourage your support to help make this fundraiser a success.
Please discuss ideas for drawings with your children, so they are ready to create their masterpieces, when we are in the classroom at the end of this week. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you, 
Melissa Platzman 
Square 1 Art Coordinator