2.26.14 PTG Minutes



-finance update

-cookbook-call for volunteers

-spring festa

            -action plan



*Karen McQuade talking with Sara (not Cornerstone parent) and Christy (Owen’s mom) $15,000 for 3 sustainable gardens.  They think Chipotle might offer a good amount of funding.  Considering having nursing home residents come tend to garden during summer.



*Jody moved $2000 out of field trips and into building improvements

*made $42 at last UNO’s fundraiser for total $135 restaurant fund received so far.  $600 was budgeted

*a little over $5000 left in account with no money scheduled to come in.  Hemant asked what ramifications would be if no spring festa.  If spring festa does not happen or bring in significant funds, no money will be available for next year.  More parent funds would be needed.  Goal of fundraiser was for it to grow to reach families outside of cornerstone minimizing burden of funding from parents.  No donations for auction coming in.  Some companies who previously have donated have backed out for this year.

*$271 received so far for amazon link.  $800 was budgeted

*funds still needed for teacher allowances, fun events (parties), and graduation equaling roughly $1500 of the $5000 currently in account




*applefest will no longer be at center of town. 

*cookbook recipes needed to be typed to fit format for cookbook.  Volunteers needed. 

*question was asked about whether we’ve done a garage sale yet?  They have been hit or miss in the past


Roxanna (via phone)

*venue, menu, band all set.  Solicitations and program advertisements need to be collected.  Lacking volunteers…help is needed!

*deadline for ads need to be in a week before the event (April 12)

*Meeting is set up Tuesday, March 4th  at school at 6:30


David DeManche mentioned adding more community events for Cornerstone to bring families together. 

Interest in increasing attendance for PTG meetings

*Parent mentioned having a social event for parents to connect which spurred conversation about combining social time with PTG meeting.  First half could be social, second half could be meeting.

*send out electronic calendar notifications for meetings





Next PTG meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 26 @ 7pm