In attendence: Amy McCormack, Karen McQuade, Shannon Houle, Stephanie Doty, Jian Xu, Libo Jiang, Derrick Anderson, Linda Fisher, Jody Myers, Kevin Meany, Yao Chen

Liberty Mutual Presentation – The benefits of PTG joining:

·        Members of PTG would be eligible for additional discount to their already existing Liberty Mutual insurance plan.

·        Liberty Mutual would be able to sponsor additional PTG events

·        No cost to group and no pressure for others to change plans

·        Voted in favor

II.               Scrips Program

·        Second round: List home on 12/1, orders returned to school 12/10, gift cards arrive and sent home by 12/17

III.              Field Trip Requests

·        Slim Good Body – A presentation at the school, all students, in March. $400

·        Mystic Aquarium – Bus, lunch, aquarium, all students, in May. $1,214

·        Plymouth Shipyard – Bus and tour, all students, in April (no amount yet).

·        Voted to use allocated enrichment money to sponsor $1075 worth of expenses for above field trips.

IV.              Technology Updates

·        Purchased 2 speakers, digital document camera and projector

·        Need projectors mounted in all classrooms and a SmartBoard for TK-K classroom

·        These requests utilize the remainder of the Technology Budget, previously approved.

V.               Holiday Shoppe – Monday, December 20

·        Items will be dropped off at school the week before.

·        Set up will take place Sunday, Dec. 19

·        Most items will be in the $2-$10 range

·        Jody will need approximately 10 volunteers for Monday, Dec. 20 to monitor the Shoppe and help students with selections.

VI.              Spring Fundraiser – Sunday, May 15

·        Linda Fisher needs volunteers for this committee

·        Adults only event

·        Harvest Café in Hudson

·        Committee will be meeting to decide specifics, such as silent auction, ticket prices, food selection, etc.

VII.            Bowlfest – Sunday, March 27

·        More details to follow, volunteers will be needed.

VIII.          Next Meeting – Thursday, January 13, 2011