In attendance:

Karen McQuade

David Trabulsi

Roxana Trabulsi

Megan Lepore

Jody Myers

Mike Lepore

Maria Barrett

Kim Anderson

Susan Norris

Rosalind Arneth

Swetha Meka

Meena Yegneswaran

David DeManche

Kevin Meany

Amy McCormack

Hemant Mallavaram


Excess of 12,000 left in PTG at year end

                Reserve for future          2000

                Playground                         2000

                5 Netbooks                         1500

                LAN school                          200

                Misc upgrades                   200

                7 ipads                                  2800

                Smartboard upgrades    2500

                Class field trips                  1500

                Graduation 12/13yr         2700

                Reserve #2                         2000

People were asked to note their top priorities.  They were as follows:

                Playground upgrades


                Smartboard upgrades



                Class field trips


Playground upgrades- safety upgrades

                Lowering borders that are tripping hazards


                Mary needs 3 more

                Amy needs 2 more


                Whiteboards in hallway, special markers, stools.  Want to turn a wall into a whiteboard


                7 more would gain a whole classroom

Smartboard upgrades-

                Get cords out of way for TK-2 classrooms

Class field trips-

                Sponsored all whole school trips this year

                Requests have been made to cover all trips

                $3600 spent this year

                $360 enrichment-most sponsored by parents

Roxana and Ipsita formed a playground committee to work over the summer