In Attendance

Gregg  Raleigh

Kevin Meany

Jody Myers

Petra Zoetler

Mike Lepore

Hemant Mallavaram

Roxana Trabulsi

Ipsita Roymoulik

Karen McQuade

Amy McCormack

Mary Simoneau

John Prohaska

Rosalind Arneth



Collect open topics

Review budget and YTD expenses

Change in venue for spring fundraiser

Holiday Shoppe



                Scrips: $1068 earned

                Bank balance: $29,250

Field trips: $1900 out of $5000 spent

Jody waiting for receipts from applefest to determine amount earned

Mad Science Nov. 19th

Slim Good Body Dec. 18th

Kidpower for Mrs. Doty and Ms. Simoneau’s class

                Possibly after school girl power-will look into the interest level

Spring fundraiser:

                Scheduled for Friday, May 3, 2013 at Cyprian Keys, Boylston

                Structure of fundraiser more or less the same

                Kim LeClerc will be handling solicitations for the event

                Survey to be sent out

Holiday Shoppe-Carolyn Houley stepped up to run program


December PTG meeting was cancelled due to lack of agenda