In Attendance:

Jody Myers

Yao Chen

Ipsita Roymoulik

Kevin Meany

Gregg Raleigh

Hemant Mallavaram

Vadim Longinov

Kim Manning

Mary Simoneau

Huong Higgins

Hai Wang

Derrick Anderson

Michael Lepore

Roxanna Trabulsi

Manasi Gangan

John Prohaska

Neelu Cordova

Rosalind Arneth

David DeManche

Karen McQuade



Enabling Amazon Market Place

Spring Festa- Update and Volunteers

Bowlfest 3/31/13 (Sunday)

Playground Committee



*portion of proceeds to come back to ptg (4-12%)

*Affliliates program sign up—school to sign up –all purchases made through school link will count towards money coming back to Cornerstone

                *talked about putting a link on ptg website to go directly to Amazon

                *talked about sending a link to everyone via email so everyone can bookmark it


Spring Festa Friday May 3rd, 7pm

*1970’s casino night

*program brought a lot of money last year—makes less money need to come from parents

*information about getting sponsors and raffle donations to be emailed out soon

*packets already sent to last year’s advertisers

*parents can put message to children in the program—same as last year



*1 more volunteer needed to interact with AMF—send email to Ramesh if interested

*families are encouraged to bring friends to this event

*there will be a 50/50 raffle

*possible other items to raffle as well


Playground Update

*committee brainstormed with the classrooms to get an idea of what the kids wanted (funny list)

*looking for something attainable before the end of the year such as sports equipment and/or a garden

*will do research and give options for longterm playground improvements to be decided on

*questions about liability and zoning came up—committee to look into those issues


Next meeting Wednesday, March 13th at 7pm