In Attendance:

Kim Manning

Pradip Gupta

Supriya Patki

Akiko Morii

Oxana Longinova

Claire Moriyama

Joanie Gilmore

Jen Shotkin

Kim Anderson

Glenn Conchado

Jody Myers

Hai Wang

Neelu Cordova

Carolyn Houley

Roxana Trabulsi

Karen McQuade

David DeManche

Kevin Meany

Ananthkumar Balasularamanian

Beth Short

Hemant Mallavaram

Rosalind Arneth

**All receipts due by 3/30**


Review finances and future spending




Applefest came in under budget—change of venue probably a factor

Other areas with funds still available:

                Teacher allowances-approx. $500 will be needed for year end scrapbooks

                Tech budget $7600 avail.  Karen said smartboard, ipads, and microscopes yet to be purchased

                Field trips:

                                Plymouth Plantation-Meanys are sponsoring

                                Kidpower- Simoneau & Short

                                k-2- possible dance enrichment, creative movement

                                k-2 -Hanover Theatre

                                Textile Mill (Lowell)- Short


Playground $7,000 budget:

                Garden something to look at as something attainable short term

                Ecosystem was suggested


                Stove for school-Karen McQuade

Spring Festa:

                Budgeted to bring in approximately $7500. 

Fundraising ideas:

                Magazine fundraiser –possibly move to  fall before other organizations do theirs

                Bjs memberships-Roz

                Boxtops- Joanie and Karen

                5k race- Hemant and Mrs. McCormack

                Pinewood derby- Roxanna

Possible School Community events:

                Track and field day-Gregg

                International day (food and information)-Oxana


Amazon marketplace link now available on Cornerstone PTG website.

Click on link to make all purchases as usual through amazon.  A portion of your purchase will go to Cornerstone.  More information will be sent out soon.

Next PTG meeting Wednesday, April 24, 2013