In Attendance:

Claire Moriyama

Akiko Morii

Alicia O’Brien

Jeff Maloof

Kim Anderson

Mickael Benita

Kim Manning

John Prohaska

Vadim Longinov

Meena Yegneswaran

Leah Cairns

Glenn Conchado

Wei Chen

Hemant Mallavaram

David DeManche

Karen McQuade

Jody Myers

Kevin Meany

Bill Arneth

Mary Simoneau

Teena Kamal

Amy McCormack

Ramesh Sivarajam



PTG Logistics

PTG Activites

Office Bearers

Spring Fund Raiser

Playground Update


Karen: overview of ptg

Office Bearers:

President: Hemant Mallavaram

Vice President: Mike Lepore

Secretary: Rosalind Arneth

Treasurer: Jody Myers



*Meeting is once a month at school

*Agenda sent prior to meeting but you have to be present at meeting to vote

*ptg minutes will be posted and an email will be sent with link to view minutes

*Overview of supported activities last year


                *Spring Festa raised 4K vs 3K budgeted

                *2-3 Uno’s nights per year

                *Field trips

*Next PTG meeting-vote on Budget

                *Ipads, smart books, netbooks, playground, $1500 netbooks, field trips,

*Office bearers must be present at meeting


                *Spring Festa 5/4/13 or 5/11/13 at same location, babysitting

                *Survey Monkey or suggestions for the theme

                *Volunteers needed in the next couple of weeks---get your hours in!


                *Applefest raised $1064, budget is $900

                *Bowlfest raised $1065, budget is $1400

                *Unos raised $400

                *Holiday shop $250

                *scrips raised $4500, budget is $3025

                *total $23,700 estimated expenses

Square 1 Art: October

New Ideas:

                *Fiscal year Sept 1 to Oct 31

                *Surplus forward to this year

                *Reiterate to be here to vote on budget

Honey Pot Orchards: 9/17/12, pumpkins, hayride, cider, ½ peck applies, $8.50/child= $450.  Bus $250.  Total $700

Call to vote for Honey Pot: $1500 for last year, asking for $700. 

                *All were in favor, no objections

$32K in bank. 

                *Allocated last year

                *question about the surplus from last year, some held for new building


                *Looking for new building

                *goal is to raise and spend $30K allocated out of $32K

Next meeting is vote on allocations and planning

                *attach budget from last June’s ptg minutes to this month’s minutes

Request for Nature’s classroom_ was requested to be funded, next ptg will address field trips to be funded

Ipsita: Playground update

                *Out of 12k, 2k was allocated

                *Landscaper came out in August to look at traffic patterns

                *fresh mulch every year was stripped out, and borders were removed because of tripping hazards        

                *rubber mats to be placed under swings

                *Karen says new playground has been working great


                *How does school get contractors?

Karen/David: Traffic pattern discussion

                *New parents dropping off stopped in driveway

                *Grassy knoll should not be used

                *turn around after Auger Road, all the way down road

                *Karen will stand out there while school starts

Hemant: Applefest-15 years of participation- annually

                *parade to Lincoln St to Main St

                *This year parade cancelled because of construction

                *Algonquin H.S. will host the fair

                *Cotton Candy, Helium tank, morning crew, 50/50 raffle-itemized help going out soon in journals


Wednesday, October 10, at 7pm next PTG Meeting