In Attendance:

Karen McQuade

Swetha Meka

Amy McCormack

Susan Norris

Gregg Raleigh

Jody Myers

Rosalind Arneth

Hemant Mallavaram

Xiang-Dong Mi

Maria Barrett

Savitha Nandan

Libo Jiang

Santanu Roymoulik

Derrick Anderson


1.  Holiday Shoppe Update

            a.  Concord Holiday shop to deliver supplies this week

            b.  Date for Holiday shop is set for 12/19/11

            c.  Volunteers needed to set up on Sunday at noon as well as during event for wrapping, taking payments, and helping kids shop.

            d.  Question was asked regarding how much children should send in.  $20 was suggested.


2.  Spring Fundraiser Update via email

            a.  Scheduled for May

            b.  Budgeted to raise $3000

            c.  vote was for wine tasting.  Working on securing The International and getting a band.

            d.  Will need volunteers to help with solicitations once a plan is put into place.

            e.  Hoping to have a first meeting for event in January

3.  Bowlfest

            a.  Ramesh is looking for 1 volunteer for community outreach event

            b.  Scheduled for March-no specific date picked yet

4.  Update on Scrips

            a.  bank changed account numbers so order was postponed slightly


5.  Enrichment- Alec’s parents donated $250 for fieldtrips

            a.  Karen McQuade requested PTG to pay for a portion of upcoming field trips

                        1.  Field trips being considered are:

                                    a.  MOS in March- Ms. Doty’s class-most kids have a pass

                                    b.  Sturbridge Village (Spring)- Doty/Simoneau

                                    c.  Ecotarium March 1st- McCormack

                                    d.  Hanover Theatre in May (Skippy Jon Jones)- McQuade and McCormack

                                    e.  Audubon Society in May- McQuade and McCormack

                                    f.  Eric Carle Museum- McQuade and McCormack

                        2.  Schoolwide:

                                    a.  Native American Workshop to come to Cornerstone for all

                                    b.  Connecticut Science Center

                        3.  When budget was set, PTG discussed helping with enrichment/fieldtrips that benefited entire school, not just individual classrooms

b.  The amount of time children spent on buses to field trips last year was brought up.  Would like to limit time spent en route this year to be less than the amount of time actually spent at destination

6.  Playground safety discussed

            a.  Had an incident where a child tripped over containment border.

                        1.  Suggestions that are being looked into:

                                    a.  resurfacing with rubber mulch-lasts 10-12 years

                                    b.  take out containment border

                                                1.   mulch will get washed away

                                                2.  Border there to keep children from running through swings

                                    c.  Install lower rubber flex containment

7.  Drop off /Pick up safety issue brought up

            a.  send reminder for only first 4 cars to load/unload

8.  IPads in classrooms

            a.  Karen and David plan to purchase 2 and would like PTG to buy 2 more.

                        1.  Primarily to be used for TK, K, 1st, and 2nd

            b.  Donations from parents welcome

9.  January meeting will decide how to spend tech budget


Next Meeting Tuesday, January 17 from 7-8pm