In attendance:

Hemant Mallavaram

Balaji Sundaresan

Susan Norris

Jody Meyers

Gregg Raleigh

Srirekha Maddukuri

Stephanie Doty

David DeManche

Karen McQuade

Mike Lepore

Linda Fisher

Rosalind Arneth

Please come to the first Spring Festa planning meeting this coming Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm.  Roxana Trabulsi is hosting it at her house located at 47 Danforth Lane, Bolton, MA



1.  Voting deferred from last month

2.  4 ipads requested

3.  $800 left in tech budget

4.  4 ipads @ ~$400 each is ~$1600-$1800

5.  Approved to purchase 2 now (after ipad 3 comes out next week and price for ipads are lowered), and purchase 2 later.

Connecticut Science Center Field Trip

1.  Cost for trip is ~ $678 for busing, and $881 for admissions/workshops totaling ~$1559

2.  Field trip budget already spent.

3.  Surplus of $900 in Ed. Enrichment budget plus $600 from scrips surplus which could be moved to help cover trip.

4.   Approved coverage of field trip in full.

Enrichment programs

1.  Upcoming enrichment programs…possibly Audubon Society (for just TK/K classroom).


1.  Bowlfest

                a.  $1400 budgeted to earn. 

                b.  Will not be selling pizza this year which did not really raise any funds next year.

                c.  Sponsors were big contributors to our earnings…not sure if we will have as many this year which could potentially hurt our earnings.

2.  Spring Festa

                a.  First meeting Tuesday, March 6th @ 7pm.  Roxana Trabulsi’s house.  47 Danforth Lane, Bolton, MA

3.  Scrips

                a.  Surplus of ~$1200 in scrips budget.  $600 being moved to cover Connecticut field trip.

Teacher’s Allowance

1.  Teacher’s allowance brought up

2.  Money not being spent, although Ms. Doty stated she will need a portion of the allowance for year end scrapbooks for her students.

3.  $3000 budgeted.


Next Meeting Tuesday, April 3rd @ 7pm