In Attendance:

Hemant Mallavaram

Mary Simoneau

Xiang-Dong Mi

Jody Meyers

Roxana Trabulsi

Linda Fisher

Mike Lepore

Derrick Anderson

Amy McCormack

Karen McQuade

David DeManche


Field Trips

1.  Piquant Museum funding voted for and approved for the amount of $1274

2.  Thank you to the Kamals for their donation funding the Museum of Science field trip.

3.  Connect Science Center coming up..will vote on funding next month


1.  Thank you to the Zhus for their donation funding the Mad Scientist enrichment program

Social Media

1.  The question was asked if the PTG could help cornerstone with it. The answer was no. Cornerstone has to own that because it is a 2 way media.


1.  4 Ipads requested

2.  $800 left in tech budget

3.  Voting deferred until February’s PTG meeting


1.Ramesh was contacting the bowling facility and needed a check which he received.

Spring Fundraiser

1.  Tickets will be $55 per person, actual cost per person will be $42.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, February 28