In Attendance:

Hemant Mallavaram

Kevin Meany

Amy McCormack

Mike Lepore

Maria Barrett

Susan Norris

Carolyn Harley

Derrick Anderson

Kim Anderson

Jody Myers

Linda Fisher

Roxana Trabulsi

Swetha Meka

Rosalind Arneth


Spring Festa:

*As of meeting 96 tickets sold

*Money received so far should be enough to meet budget

*25 items up for auction

*Gift cards will be raffled

*Class auction items will be set up Thursday and Friday for viewing.  It was suggested that Karen take pictures to email out to families who will not have a chance to stop in.  One graduation table up for auction.  This auction item will close before the festa and one table will be auctioned off at festa.  Interested parties can come in, email, or call in their bids

*Lanterns for festa made by Ms. Simoneau’s  and Mrs. McCormack’s classrooms.  They will be auctioned off at festa.  Names of children who made each lantern will be on them

*Babysitting is all set.  Currently there are 26 children signed up for childcare.  Karen’s nephew and girlfriend will be babysitting

*Payment for auction items will be credit/cash/check.  Raffle tix will be cash/check only.

*Need volunteers for check in and raffle sales

*Montage of school children auction.  It was voted to have copies of the print available for $25/each.  The original will stay at Cornerstone Academy.  Northborough Frame shop will give you a free engraved plaque matching the one of display copy of montage.

*Spring Festa tickets available through Friday