September 11, 2013 PTG Minutes

In Attendance
Vadim Longinov
Stephen Kwan
Anna Baphavichoth
Carolyn Houley
Neelu Cordova
Claire Moriyama
Naomi Botkin
Noah Budiansky
Tom Gilmastin
Hemant Mallvaram
Xiang-Dong Mi
Song Wang
Amy McCormack
Jody Myers
Katie Ka
Hai Wang
John Prohaska
Ipsita Roymoulik
Beth Short
Karen McQuade
David DeManche
Mary Simoneau
Kevin Meany 

Welcome Back




Recap PTG Logistics and Activity

PTG Officers

Review 2012

Playground Financial Update

Applefest logistics

Fall Fundraiser


We are in need of a new VP for the parent group.  Hemant would like to have that settled by next month’s meeting.  He would like to train the new VP for the President position for next year.

We are also in need of a co-treasurer


What does PTG do?

Promote fundraising activities to raise money for enrichment programs, to support technology used in the classrooms, etc. 

Important for parents to step up to help make these fundraisers successful.

Spring Festa our main fundraiser

Karen-Applefest the first fundraiser.  Roxana was not at the meeting but she has information regarding a fall fundraiser

Karen-anonymous parent donating $5000 for enrichment programs for the children this year

PTG typically meets once a month.  Last meeting typically in June.  All meetings will be on Wednesdays at 7pm.  Dates to be determined at the end of each meeting.

Amazon shoppers!!!

            Amazon is enabled on our Cornerstone PTG website.  Purchasing through this link gives back to Cornerstone.  Last year this was implemented for the last 4 weeks we made roughly $130 through this program as a kickback.  There is no fee to do this.  Link directs you to Amazon site where you order as you normally do.

Scrips is another fundraiser that we participate in.  Information will come home through the daily journal periodically.  Order gift cards at face value and Cornerstone gets a percentage.


Applefest, Bowling, Scrips, Holiday Shoppe, Uno’s (last week in October will be our first this year), QSP normally done in March, but will be done earlier (magazine subscriptions), Spring Festa (May), Square One Art (happening first week in October) kids get to draw on a piece of paper (done in class), siblings welcome too.

Fall Fundraiser new this year.  As a way to replenish some funds spent for playground.  Volunteers needed!  Children will be actively involved in this fundraiser unlike the Spring Festa which is for Adults.

Playground upgrade: $25000 allocated for playground at last 2012/2013 PTG meeting

Applefest logistics

Fair being held at Algonquin high school.  Parade being done as usual on Main St.  Families will need to drive to fair after parade.  Cornerstone has a booth with cotton candy, 50/50 raffle, and several other items.  Parents needed for donations of goods as well as time.  Information will be sent home tomorrow through the journal.  Number of people in booth needs to be amended as result of people stepping over one another last year.  Complaints about fair being done at high school.  Amount of funds raised was not as good at the high school.  Fair times different this year. 

Review 2012 budget

Certain expenses non-negotiable each year such as accounting and software for finances.  Playground budget from last year needs to be adjusted to include reallocations from different categories.  Playground went over budget.  Equipment not only changed.  Landscaping dramatically changed as well. 

Starting with far less money in account this year than previously.  Teacher allowances need to be budgeted well.  Graduation expenses last year went over budget as well.  At the next meeting we will set budget for 2013/1014.  We are starting this school year with roughly $10,000 in account.  As a non profit we need to spend close to what we take in.  Any questions about the budget should be directed to Jody Myers.  Budget not set until mid October, which makes it difficult for treasurer who is writing checks.  Making entries has to wait.  Requesting some way to possibly set budget next year at an earlier time. 

Budget to be set at next month’s PTG meeting 

Next PTG Meeting Wednesday, October 9 at 7pm