In Attendance:

Rosalind Arneth

Ramesh Sivarajan

Susan Norris

Chaya Mallavaram

Hemant Mallavaram

Linda Fisher

Mary Simoneau

Derrick Anderson

Alden Do Rosario

Stephanie Doty

Yao Chen

Libo Jiang

Gregg Raleigh

David DeManche

Roxana Trabulsi

Melissa Platzman


1.        Recap of fundraising efforts for previous year. 

a.       Cruise night earnings and donations exceeded expectations, so PTG was able to bump up teacher budget as well as building budget last year.

b.      $3300 was spent on Technology in 2010/2011

c.       PTG has money in acct from previous years for big expenditures or if PTG spends more than it makes.  Any use of this money needs to be well thought out


2.       Voting on Executive Board Members..all agreed on the following:

President            Mike Lepore

Vice President   Hemant Mallavaram

Treasurers          Linda Fisher

                                Jody Meyers

Secretary             Rosalind Arneth


3.       Spring Fundraiser

a.       Mentioned position needed to be filled quickly to maintain income level from last year’s Cruise Night

b.      Chair person has control over fundraiser…deciding what we will do

c.       Roxana volunteered to chair the Spring Fundraiser


4.       Deliberation began for the 2011/2012 budget

a.       Linda Fisher expressed interest in signing up for an online finances program

                                                               i.      Would like to eventually eliminate need to pay outside company to file taxes

                                                             ii.      Software would make information available to all executive board members

b.      Mike Lepore received a lot of feedback last year for how funds were spent.

                                                               i.      Popular comment was to make more money available to teachers

                                                             ii.      Another popular comment was to spend more on enrichment

1.       Field trips

a.       1/3 of total cost of last year’s field trips were sponsored by PTG

c.Stephanie Doty had teacher requests

                                                               i.      HP Pocket Smartboard

                                                             ii.      Lanschool software to monitor all netbooks

                                                            iii.      3 additional netbooks needed for 4th graders in Ms. Simoneaux’s class

d.      Last year’s donations totaled $3045.  Mike expects them to drop to $1000 this year

e.      Suggestion made to make some categories discretionary such as the Building category

f.     Cornerstone is a 501c#=3 corp which means anyone can make a charitable donation and get a tax deduction

g.       Technology was broken down into 2 categories

                                                               i.      Netbooks

                                                             ii.      Technology

h.      New category for miscellaneous items that come up aka “stuff”

                                                               i.      Example was…supplies need for special class project

i.    Destination Imagination was removed from PTG budget.

                                                               i.       It will now be funded by parents/students participating in groups

                                                             ii.      It was decided that PTG should fund programs that benefit entire school, not just groups within the school


5.        Final budget approved:

           Teachers                  $3000

           Enrichment               $2400

           Overhead                  $  720

           Netbooks                  $1000

           Technology               $1000

           Parties                     $  750

           Outreach                  $  200

           Building (discretionary)

           Stuff                         $  750

Total 2011-12 budget            $9820