A.      2010-2011 Budget

1.       Reviewed fundraising efforts from 2009-2010 school year. (See 2009/2010 Budget Summary Below)

2.       Reviewed spending from 2009-2010 school year.  (See 2009/2010 Budget Summary Below)

3.       New Spending Proposals/ Expenses for 2010-2011 include:

a.       Building expense (new flooring for aftercare/specials room)

$1000 (approved at 8/10/2010 PTG meeting)

b.      Voted in favor of Technology updates (Smartboards, Netbooks, Software, Projectors) for teachers.


c.       Voted in favor of increasing:

1)      Class party allowance to $400

2)      Community outreach to $100

d.      A “New School Building Fund” was proposed, in which part or all of the surplus would be allocated.  This was voted down, in order to provide the funds for current technology needs.  The majority felt that the technology would be able to be moved and used at a new location when/if needed.  It was recommended that we revisit the idea of a “New School Building Fund” next year.

4.       Discussed which fundraising efforts we would like to continue for the current academic year.

a.       Committed to continue with all current fundraisers, Innisbrook will be moved to a Spring fundraiser.

b.      Discussed new fundraising ideas and goals, in order to meet new expenses.

1)      Try to increase Charitable Donations to $2,500 *NEED COORDINATOR!

2)      Other fundraising suggestions included: yard sale, paint your own pottery at local venue with school to receive part of proceeds, silent auction (different venue than carnival).

3)      Other coordinator positions needed include: Carnival and Holiday Shoppe.

B.      Applefest – 9/11/2010

1.       Discussed supply drop-off, Cornerstone Booth (open 10-3), Parade (noon).

C.      Destination Imagination

2.       Mrs. Doty and Miss Houle met with any interested parents to explain Destination Imagination to gauge interest in participation.

Cornerstone Academy 2009/2010 Budget Summary

Total funds Raised                $5,742.32
Total Expenditures                ($4,714.47)
                            Difference  $1,027.85
Charitable Donations            $1,570.00
                            Difference  $2,597.85

Scrips                                       $1,379.00
Carnival                                    $810.86
Applefest                                  $748.48
Innisbrook                                 $565.28
Square1Art                                $442.28
Uno's                                        $437.00
Bowlfest '10                             $990.32
Holiday Shoppe                        $173.70
QSP                                           $156.40
Hannafords                                $39.00

Teacher Allowance                   ($1,892.57)
Enrichment                                ($1,075.00)
Accountant, Tax Filing               ($579.10)
Technology                                ($415.38)
Class Parties                              ($318.92)
Community Outreach                ($83.50)
Destination Imagination            (350.00)
                                Total        $1,027.85