PTG Board Positions

(Any of the positions listed below may be filled by a team of volunteers, and/or filled for a specific duration that is less than the full school year (ie; 60 or 90 days) )


Looking for more volunteer hours?  Propose your own position or committee to suit your interests and talents!

 Ideas for possible volunteer positions:

Family Reading Night Committee - This team could plan family nights where every child brings one book to donate; a visiting author gives a reading; then each child chooses one book from the donation pile to take home. (2-4 events per school year?)


Family Movie Night/Game Night Committee - This team could plan a movie night with a theme..... for example: show the movie "Hotel for Dogs" and have a representative from a local animal shelter visit to talk about the responsibilities of pet ownership, and maybe bring along a few pets that are up for adoption.  They could also plan a game night - Bingo; Science Experiment Contests; ?


Recycling Committee - This team could plan one or more after school events that combine recycling with an art project, or some type of community service, or gardening, recycling drop off (batteries?).....or?


Community Education Committee - This team could line up speakers and events to educate all of us about things such as internet safety, dealing with bullying, community volunteering opportunities, etc.


.......anything that you can think of that may be fun and educational for students and parents!  If you need to fill some volunteer hours, this could be the perfect solution, while also enhancing the students educational experience and promoting school spirit.



(may be filled by teams, and/or for limited duration)

Non-Profit Support Officer: (New Position) Duties include organizing fundraiser volunteers, working with Board to help plan events, making notes about the event (what works/what doesn't), and sending thanks to volunteers after the events.  Attendance at the Board Only meetings is required (every 6-8 weeks).  Overall time commitment will vary month to month depending on scheduled fundraisers, but this position should not be too time consuming (3-5 hours per event), mostly done through email, also help with onsite organizing at events (3-4 per year) if needed. 

Charitable Donations Coordinator: (New Position) Duties will include coordinating fundraising for the PTG through charitable gifts.

Newsletter Editor:  Duties will include working with the VP to fill in the newsletter template at the end of each month with upcoming events, current school news, short stories of interest, anything else deemed important.  This does not require previous experience with newsletters, and newsletters will be kept to a four page maximum.  Estimated time commitment for this position is about 4-6 hours per month.

Please consider volunteering!    

We aim to keep the time commitments to a minimum.  The estimates given do not include the time spent at monthly meetings, which may not always be required, but encouraged.   All Board position volunteers will be asked to be available for guidance until the new volunteer is comfortable.


Thank you!    Your time and talents will be greatly appreciated!


Current Board Members: 

President:   Hemant Mallavaram

Vice President: Alicia O'Brien  

Treasurer: Jody Meyers

Secretary: (OPEN)

Non-Profit Support Officer: (OPEN)

Current Coordinators (contact them if you want to help): 

Bowlfest: Ramesh Sivarajan

Hannaford Grocery: TBD

Holiday Shoppe: TBD

Scrip Program: TBD

Spring Fundraiser: TBD

Square 1 Art: TBD

PTG Website: Derrick Anderson

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