Questions and Answers

Q:  What does tuition cover? 

A:  Our tuition payments cover the basic operating expenses of the school; basic classroom materials, staff salaries, taxes, insurance, rent, general maintenance, and utilities.


Q:  What sort of school items does the PTG cover?

A:  The PTG will cover whatever the parents and teachers agree there is a need for, that would be above and beyond the tuition. 


Q:  Definition of the PTG?

A:  The general definition of any PTO is (supposed to be) to provide a means of communication between parents, teachers, and administrators; to plan fundraising for needed school items; and to promote an overall sense of community and school spirit.  The Cornerstone PTG, along with the teachers and administrators, identifies financial needs for the students and school, plans for fundraisers to cover the expenses, recruits/coordinates volunteers, executes the fundraisers, plans/executes family nights, handles all of the bookkeeping, acknowledges donations, keeps records for taxes and legal purposes, and works to keep everyone informed. 


Q:  Why should I volunteer for a Board Position?

A:  There are many good reasons:  There has been a lot of research done on the subject of parental involvement in schools, and how greatly it benefits our children.  When our kids see us getting enthused and involved in their school, research shows an overwhelmingly positive response - better attention in the classroom, more participation, an eagerness to attend school....which all amounts to higher grades and a better overall educational experience.  A few hours of volunteer time here and there will benefit all of us....the larger the pool of volunteers, the more we can spread out the assignments, the easier it will be for everyone who volunteers.  And we'll all see and feel the benefits of an organized, well run PTG! 


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